Trespassing, theft, intimidation in Heath House neighbourhood

More threats, intimidation

More people are coming forward to share experiences of living near Kelowna's Heath House supportive housing facility on Highway 97. 

After Castanet's report on a couple who have received death threats, another resident reached out to share his experience with trespassing, theft and intimidation.

"They aren't the only ones. I've been threatened several times for asking someone to leave my property, and they were caught red handed looking in peoples cars," said the man, who didn't want to be named for fear of retaliation.

He's been confronted with threats such as: "You're targeted now, buddy" or "Just wait till you're sleeping, I'm gonna slash your family to bits and burn your house down."

The supportive housing facility, on Highway 97 near Leathead Road, opened in January.

"We've had to get a (German) shepherd to protect our family and home, and we've spent at least $3,000 on a top-of-the-line security system. They watch out for mail trucks, and once they leave they'll come steal any packages that are left for you.

"My children have unfortunately had to see humans defecating and urinating in our complex. They've seen people actively overdosing, they've seen people in a drug-induced state yelling and screaming ... They were lucky enough to be at school one time when someone was actively attempting to enter homes in our complex – literally moments after I left to take them to school. 

"This summer was the last time I will ever walk with my kids to Ben Lee Park, or to the Petro-Canada for Slurpees.

"We had to literally step over bodies of drugged-out people on the sidewalks, some of which had needles stuck in their legs and arms. Just getting gas one day, we saw a lady who wedged herself between two cabinets, had a sharpened weapon in her hands and was not even coherent. 

"Something needs to be done before other neighbourhoods with the same people end up in our situation."

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