Two flight attendants pass out during flight due to fumes

Flight diverts over fumes

An American Airlines flight diverted over the Atlantic, Monday, after two flight attendants passed out from fumes from cleaning fluid on board.

The Airbus A-330-300 was about 170 nautical miles southwest of Shannon, Ireland, when it diverted to Dublin en route from London Heathrow to Philadelphia.

Aviation website aeroinside.com reports the crew reported a chemical odour on board, and that two flight attendants had passed out. Both cabin crew had regained consciousness by the time the aircraft landed.

The offending chemical was an aircraft interior cleaner that had been left behind in a lavatory and leaked its fluid into the carpets.

A number of passengers also complained about respiratory and eye irritations.

Paramedics met the aircraft at the gate about one hour after turning around. 

The aircraft was still on the ground in Dublin 10 hours later.

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