Surprise! A bear family strolled past an Okanagan door cam

Surprise guests on door cam

Chelsea Powrie

"It just seemed like the line kept coming!"

Heather Whitney got a shock when she reviewed her doorbell camera footage in Summerland this week.

"I check it every once in a while, just if there's a weird time that something has gone off, so that was at four in the morning," she said. "I thought, 'oh, maybe a cat or a raccoon, and was surprised to see the bears!"

Four in total, to be exact. In the footage, mama bear strolls past with not one, not two but three cubs in a row behind her.

Two appear to have an independent spirit, as halfway through, they change their mind and walk back the way they came from. No doubt mama had to go corral them later. 

Whitney said she had never seen bears in her neighbourhood in the heart of Summerland. 

"I mean, I know that there are bears in Summerland, but usually they are up in the trails and the orchards, and I don't live either of those places," she said with a chuckle. 

She shared the footage in the hope others like her, who may not realize the bears are coming downtown, will be more aware that they are active and take precautions about what they leave outside. As much as the footage was a treat, she said, they aren't houseguests she wants returning. 

"We had pumpkins out that aren't carved yet, and the bears didn't seem interested, but I'm not taking chances. Now the pumpkins get brought inside at night!" Whitney said. 

Bears are currently fattening up before denning season and looking for around 24,000 calories per day, so residents are strongly encouraged to bring in garbage, recycling and anything that might smell even remotely tasty.

Bear-human interactions often end tragically for the bear, so to keep both humans and wildlife safe, follow Bear Smart tips here

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