A wise investment

There has been much discussion recently regarding the supportive housing facilities planned for Rutland.

While I agree there should be more thought given to location and density of such facilities, they are needed.

What I don’t understand is the debate over whether they should be “dry” or “wet”.

No one tells me whether I can consume alcohol or drugs in my home. That should not be a consideration for the administrators or agencies tasked with operating the facilities.

It is up to law enforcement to deal with behaviour that is contrary to the law. 

What is happening now is an erosion of public confidence in the will or ability of the police to enforce the law. That can be a dangerous situation.

The policy people at all levels of government need to come up with a way to separate the people who are criminals because they suffer from the disease of addiction and those who are criminals because they are criminals.

The only way to do that is to give those who decide they want a better life the opportunity to pursue that goal. That costs money. It would be a wise investment.

Ralph Perrich, Kelowna

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