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Sly plans Hong Kong thriller

Sylvester Stallone is planning to make a new action thriller in Hong Kong.

The action star's latest movie Rambo: Last Blood debuts today, and he has another installment in the Rocky/Creed franchise on the way.

However, the 73-year-old told Variety, he's already lining up his next major project - a Blade Runner style thriller set in Hong Kong.

"I may be doing a movie in China soon. Top secret. A big one," he explained, adding that the film will be set in Hong Kong, and that his character would be "definitely an out-of-sync, two-generations-behind, definitely-wouldn't-use-Alexa (Amazon's virtual assistant) kind of guy."

China has become a lucrative market for Hollywood movies, with filmmakers increasingly looking to shoot blockbusters in the Asian nation.

Sylvester said he wanted to bring a more cerebral approach to his new project than the action-packed franchise movies set there.

"Right now, a lot of guys go over there to do action movies, but I think you could do more than that - do more suspense, more of a story," he said. "I think I've found the combination. It's more like a 'Blade Runner,' because when you're dealing with the two mixed cultures at the same time....I don't want to tip it off, but it's f**king cool."

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