But what about Harper?

Gary Rayner criticizes Justin Trudeau, and has every right to do so.  

However if he were to look at Stephen Harper, he might find out how bad he was.

Investigative journalist Michael Harris called Harper the worst prime minister in Canadian History. 

He placed Canada more into debt than any other PM to date. He sold the Canadian Wheat Board to Saudi Arabia.

Harper never delivered on any social conservative issues such as abortion and gay marriage, and to date Andrew Scheer has refused to march in any gay parades.

He scrapped plans for a national day care initiative by the Liberals. 

He ran one of the most un-democratic governments in history:

  • Proroguing government four times.
  • Omnibus bills.
  • Robocalling during the 2011 election.
  • Fair Elections Act, which soon became known as the Unfair Elections Act.
  • Gagging scientists – freedom of speech?
  • Spying on aboriginal and environmental activists.
  • Taxpayer funded political ads.
  • Harper refused to sign any agreement on climate change targets.

Your take on the firing of two cabinet ministers only tells one side. Harper sold to Candu to SNC for $15 million when it was worth billions, making SNC very wealthy.

Jody Wilson-Raybould was asked to seek outside help with at least four retired supreme court justices and refused. Why? Then she was given the job of taking care of her people, Minister of Indian Affairs, and turned it down. She could have done so much for them.

Dale Dirks

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