Empathy never left ... but

Re: the letter 'Where is the empathy gone'

It's nice to see you have a belief in a God who will take care of you and protect you.

The empathy never left. I have empathy for the people who are strung out on drugs.

Many of them are good people and want a better life, to get their family back and have self respect again. But they have no alternatives. The treatment centres are gone and out of reach financially for these poor souls.

Where are the detox centres? This is how you help these people, not by telling them to go out and do all the drugs they want. Where do you think they get the money for the drugs?

The empathy has always been there, it's never left.

If a drug addict broke into your house with the potential of harm to you and your family, would you pray for God to help you? Would you sit down and wait for God to intervene? Or would you grab something and protect your family from any harm?

It's been said: There are times when it's best to not speak and let them think you are fool, than to speak and let them know you are a fool.

Gil Pinette

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