A vote for real change

Your recent Question Of The Day – "How will you vote in this fall's federal election?" – left me with a small measure of hope, but a much greater degree of concern. 

It was pleasing to note that 27% of 2015 Liberal voters now realize they were conned into electing the most corrupt, lying, grifter, anti-Canada prime minister in our 152-year history.

I found two issues of concern, though.

Firstly, there are still 19% who will willingly turn a blind eye to the rot and decay and vote Liberal, as if it's still the party of Wilfrid Laurier. Secondly, and of far more concern, is that 75% of the people are voting Conservative/Green/NDP thinking they are getting someone different.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Votes for Jagmeet Singh and Elizabeth May are just votes for the Liberals. May has been up front about this.

As for Andrew Scheer, he has moved the Conservative Party so far to the left it is now the de facto centre-left. His policies, if one sees through the ambiguity, mimic Justin Trudeau's, albeit with slight tweaks.

The bottom line is that these four are so similar that a vote for any of them does little to change, repair, or better our country. it's business as usual.

The reality is, Maxime Bernier's upstart Peoples Party Of Canada is the only one open to discussion for real change and is the only conservative voice this October.

Don't believe the polls. Don't listen to the smear attacks. The four main parties are scared, and they definitely don't want you to hear Bernier's message.

It is indeed a travesty of our democracy to not let him in the leaders debates so the people can decide for themselves.

Robert Brown, Cranbrook

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