No more Quebec PMs

Quebec voters continue to vote In Quebec-born prime ministers.  

The rest of Canada continues to allow this to happen. These Quebec PMs insulate Quebec from normal economic standards other provinces and countries adhere to in order to be efficient, honest, law-abiding economies.  

Other provinces and countries allow free market influences and competition to become more efficient and resourceful, moving ahead in step with the world. Not Quebec.  

Quebec demands subsidies at all levels. Demands insulation and protection from normal world and provincial market pressures. Organized crime and payoffs are rampant and debilitating all levels of the social ladder.  

Why do Québécers and Canadians think this is OK. It is not.

Quebec dominates our politics, and it should not. All of Canada needs to do what is best for Canada and Quebec, and that is to never allow another PM from Quebec.  

Only the rest of Canada can make this happen. Soon, all of us will have the chance to get our country on the right path.

G. Tremblier, Lake Country

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