Horoscope: Sept. 15-20


List all the fine points to be covered in order of importance.

What matters becomes a point of contention for those who care about the little things. How they are handled can set the tone for the bigger ones.

Sudden travel or moves can be a knee-jerk reaction at a time when it's more important to remain calm and hold a steady course.

Relationships could be affected by assuming something is going on when it is not. Focus on a productive path in a quietly assertive manner.

Manoeuvre past those in the way as you don’t owe them anything. Let them go their own way so they won’t slow you down.

Have faith in yourself and progress at you own rate.

ARIES: Focus on your career or what you want to do going forward. Balance ego with expertise.

TAURUS: Make greater efforts to free yourself from responsibility or burdens belonging to others now.

GEMINI: Take a certain amount of hands-on control with matters that affect the status of associates.

CANCER: You do your best to influence or persuade others to your way of thinking. Connect the dots.

LEO: You turn up the heat in a competition where you know deep down that you are the winner.

VIRGO: You push for more freedom or mobility. What you seek is available under certain conditions.

LIBRA: Stay put or go where you feel secure. This can be by choice or out of necessity as decided.

SCORPIO: You speak out knowing you have the support of those who count and can pull the strings.

SAGITTARIUS: Your status or reputation is strong and will help to boost the bottom line in some form.

CAPRICORN: You are willing to take things on no matter how hard or dangerous it may be to do now.

AQUARIUS: Take control behind the scenes or help others to do so. Demonstrate your leadership.

PISCES: Others don’t mind you speaking for them as they know they will benefit as well. It’s good.


Horoscope: Sept. 8-14


Think big this week while keeping plans in the realm of actual possibilities; it’s fun to daydream.

Some may have to move to make some of this come true; secure the details or financial base. Others could end up being affected by your choices, so be fair.

Investigate all viable choices and time limits. Some may feel haunted by indecision; be patient.

Feeling pressure causes them to jump the gun. Use charm and the luck of Friday the Thirteenth to gain ground or extra benefits under the full moon as expectations are high.

Observe those who may be fudging the truth to advantage. Ask important questions and see the facts for yourself.

ARIES: Choices this week seem larger or more time sensitive than usual. Prune the list in right order.

TAURUS: Private arrangements will eventually work to your advantage, so navigate around obstacles.

GEMINI: Others have a greater influence on your status, home or income. Take time to negotiate it.

CANCER: The full moon affects your thoughts and words. Present them carefully and be cool now.

LEO: Discuss what you expect and what others are willing to give you. Know your worth. Stand tall.

VIRGO: You push for action or to get a commitment. Make sure you have the upper hand with this.

LIBRA: Duty calls. Do what you must and it will look good to others. Add this to your resume also.

SCORPIO: You can push back with authority over those who have pushed you. Might can be right.

SAGITTARIUS: Consider working or aligning with those who are behind the scenes. Keep it private.

CAPRICORN: Negotiate when it comes to what you want to do and where. You will be needed.

AQUARIUS: You can have final say no matter how high the stakes are. Your influence is key now.

PISCES: Personal and business relationships blend into a tighter unit where all will benefit later on.

Horoscope: Sept. 1-7


Discuss plans that cover areas where progress can be made.

Seek a solid foundation and made sure funding is in place; everyone involved needs to feel secure on some level.

Changes will bring unexpected improvements. Relationships grow more permanent as well; decide where to live or move.

On Monday, sun energy combined with Mars calls for direct, focused action. Decisions will build confidence; forge ahead while keeping an eye on cost overruns.

Avoid acting like you are giving orders. Bantering may sound lippy, so respect those in charge.

Check vehicles before travel or upgrade.

Be truthful when dancing around flirtations.

ARIES: You have great job or career opportunities and can pull ahead of the pack. Discuss income.

TAURUS: Private talks could lead to plans to travel or research locations for yourself or others now. 

GEMINI: Make choices affecting residence or base of operations. You need to secure this long term. 

CANCER: Key individuals can be helpful with your expansive plans. Follow rules or correct protocol. 

LEO: A different approach brings you more income or a better position. Others respect your abilities. 

VIRGO: Changes in your situation can give you more freedom of movement. Prospects good. 

LIBRA: A lot goes on behind the scenes. Special arrangements work for all involved. You make gains.

SCORPIO: Well connected individuals pick you to be their leader or spokesperson. You are respected. 

SAGITTARIUS: The spotlight shines on you now and all the added attention is financially rewarding. 

CAPRICORN: Others count on your assistance or expertise. Discuss areas where you work best.

AQUARIUS: You benefit from the past or joint finances and assets. Make private deals to gain now. 

PISCES: You hitch your wagon to others on the path of success. Take time to meet up in person.

Horoscope: Aug. 25-31


Compare notes with those of similar interest to see the best way for plans to come together.

This can be worked out in a practical way. 

Keep interactions light to encourage unity and bring in those on the side lines. Be clear on the goals and how each would benefit. Most are willing to give this a chance.

Some business relationships become more personal due to being in close proximity to each other. Attractions spark between you.

Consider how this will look or affect others; have a back-up plan. Take it to a private area. Freedom may have a price.

The new moon in Virgo throws focus on the details. Have an explanation or solution ready. 

ARIES: Decisions you make now will have long-term effect on your future. Stick to financial security.

TAURUS: You want to put things behind you and relax a bit. Enjoy relationships or being creative. 

GEMINI: Make arrangements to solidify residence or base of operations. Others assist you with this. 

CANCER: Use all the charm you can muster to sway others to your point of view. Ask for assistance.

LEO: New or extra income manifests in various forms. Your status rises as you are appreciated now. 

VIRGO: Take centre stage as others see you deserve to be there. Change your look or presentation. 

LIBRA: Private meetings allow a plan to be put in place that benefits all involved. You can go for it. 

SCORPIO: Associates from the past are still supporters of you. Gather together to stand united.

SAGITTARIUS: Your star rises to the top and you will see how others count on you. Income is up. 

CAPRICORN: Others tap your knowledge or talents to mutual advantage. Go with the natural flow. 

AQUARIUS: You benefit from others' resources. New or renewed agreements provide some gain.

PISCES: Take relationships to the next level and secure your path together. Do the paperwork.

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