That's one really big spider

This is a warning to all my fellow arachnophobes out there that there are spiders as large a man's hand living in the Okanagan.

And Justice Barker has the proof.

“I found a spider today that is the size of the back of my hand and I don’t know what kind of spider it is but it was on a day lily in Kelowna,” Barker told Castanet.

To prove the size of the spider was not a fish tale, Barker was brave enough to put his hand next to the gigantic black and orange beast to show its size.

“I was in Glenmore around Yates Road when I saw it. I do landscaping and my boss says he sees them around town, but this is the first ever time I’ve seen this kind of spider,” said Barker.

Once again dear reader, we need your help to identify this monster.

If you know what it is – other than terrifying – please send me an email.

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