Plane crash captured on film

A pilot lost power while flying off the coast of San Francisco Tuesday evening and crashed into the ocean, but thankfully no one was hurt. 

David Lesh, a professional skier and owner of a clothing company, was flying with a friend off Half Moon Bay, while another friend in a second plane took photos of Lesh's new aircraft about 6:15 p.m.

Lesh's plane experienced an engine failure and he was forced to ditch in the ocean.

The pair made it out of the plane uninjured, and used seat cushions and window shades as makeshift flotation devices. The plane quickly sank as the two floated in the ocean, waiting for rescue.

Their friend in the other plane circled, keeping an eye on them and taking videos.

Lesh managed to save his phone in the crash, and shot video from the water while they waited to be rescued.

In an Instagram post, Lesh said they “bobbed around getting hypothermia and stung by jellyfish for 45 minutes,” before a Coast Guard helicopter arrived and rescued the pair.

“Stoked to make it out without a scratch,” Lesh said.

It's unclear what led to the engine failure.

In the video above, Lesh spoke to a friend about the crash. 

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