Autumn looking golden

Nobody wants to hear it but fall is just around the corner and AccuWeather has released their autumn prediction for Canada including B.C.

The good news is AccuWeather is predicting that warm weather is going to stick around, delaying the first wave of cold air for some of the country’s most populated areas.
The bad news is the warmer weather could also mean an extended wildfire season for British Columbia and the Rockies. The wildfire season got off to a quick start this year with massive blazes erupting across western Canada in late May. The Eagle Bluff fire is still burning but is considered held and wildfires have not been as active across the region this summer.

However, "the fire season is far from done,” AccuWeather Canadian Weather Expert Brett Anderson said. “We believe there may be a second surge in fire activity during the month of September from British Columbia to Saskatchewan.”

AccuWeather is predicting wetter weather for the region around Yukon and northern British Columbia but the rest of the province is looking very dry. “The main storm track this fall will be directed into northern British Columbia, but this will also feed mild, Pacific air into much of the West as well,” Anderson said.
“The snow season in the Rockies is also expected to get off to a slower start later this fall.”

Large wildfires that do ignite could potentially have far-reaching effects across North America.
As the fires burn, their smoke rises through the atmosphere. The jet stream may occasionally carry this smoke eastward across North America, delivering smoky, hazy skies to areas thousands of miles away. These far-reaching blankets of smoke across the atmosphere can lead to more colorful sunrises and sunsets.

The Prairies and Eastern Canada are also expected to have an extended summer as warm dry conditions are expected to persist through September.

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