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Lena: finally found home

Lena Dunham feels as though she's finally found her home in her modest New York apartment.

The Girls star made a "massive real-estate mistake" when she split from Jack Antonoff and he stayed in the apartment they had shared, buying a new property in a "state of panic" because she felt "like if I didn't put down roots soon I'd float away."

She eventually ended up selling the property at a loss and stayed with friends until she settled upon a West Village apartment after choosing it by simply looking at a thumbnail picture.

And while the second-floor apartment is more modest than one might expect for an actress, Lena is more than happy with her home.

"When the people on (floor) eight tried to floor-shame me, I told them what I love about 2: If you're an introvert and often homebound, by illness or sadness or both, it feels like the passersby on the street are right there with you," she wrote in an essay for U.S. interior design website Domino. "They are my built-in friends."

Lena initially thought the flat would be a temporary abode, describing it as "appropriate for a long interstitial, an extended pause", but the 33-year-old now feels as though she can never leave.

"Across from me is a luxurious brownstone, but I'm not sure how it's decorated," she concluded. "I've stopped looking in other people's windows... I'm finally home."

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