Too many red light runners

I've driven through just about every major city in this province at one time or another for work. 

In no other city have I witnessed so many drivers running red lights.  

I wish I was exaggerating, but I see it at least three to five times a day in Kelowna. On my way to work, and vice versa. It has got to the point where I count off one to five in my mind while checking both ways before entering a green intersection.

What is going to take to make people think twice about running the red? 

If you are running that far behind that you have to take that kind of risk, perhaps try planning your day out a little better. Or maybe pull your head out of where you have it jammed and consider that decision could have life-altering consequences for someone else.  

Whose child, whose mother or father, whose best friend has to die or be injured needlessly before things change? 

Consider this: when you run a red light, what if that person is someone you know? 

Do you think their loved ones will forgive you because you made a decision that might have been easily avoided?

Because you think you can just make it, or you're almost to your destination, or you're running late. None of these excuses will stand up in court. So why use them to justify your own selfish arrogance?

Mike Crown, Kelowna

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