What kind of acceptance?

I think Canadians are fast becoming a society of acceptance. 

We accept illegal drug use and facilitate its use.

We accept crime as an everyday occurrence. 

We accept a totally broken health-care system with one- and two-year wait times as the norm.

We accept being gouged on gas, cellphone, internet and utilities.

We accept the politicians we elect lying to us and doing nothing but looking after their own interests.

We accept children going hungry and single parents facing poverty, all the while building brand new buildings to house and help illegal drug users. 

I know at least two emergency room nurses and an EMT who have quit their jobs because they could not handle the non-stop stream of transient drug users clogging up the the system while responsible citizens wait for hours, sometimes in great pain, in waiting rooms and hallways.

I am on a one-year wait list for an MRI, and my wife lives with pain because her doctor wants to put her on a drug that the province won’t cover. 

We need to stop “accepting” – and we can start by speaking up and holding our MLAs and MPs accountable. I realize if they speak their own mind in the Trudeau government, he will just kick them out of the party, but that too is something to think about come election time.

Ken Quesnel

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