Pork Chop Hill stinks

I must say that I agree with letter writer Tom Isherwood’s feelings about politicians and the “pork factory” – i.e. Ottawa and our provinces, etc. 

Ottawa should be called “Pork Chop Hill,” as most former and current politicians have shown us that graft and favours have been the norm, what with 3,300 registered lobbyists swarming about with suitcases of cash to purchase their favours. 

I am afraid that things will not change in the near future until we clean out the pig sty and install politicians who do not require suitcases of cash. 

The last pig smell was from the PMO, when SNC-Lavalin wanted their favours. We could smell the sty all across the country. The pigs responsible for the stink can't smell it themselves and believe all was above board. 

The pigs continue to feed at the trough even after retirement with their huge pensions and benefit packages. 

If you want changes at the farm, vote for those who will listen, not be swayed by lobbyists.

Jorgen Hansen, Kelowna

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