Traffic congestion blues

In the very same manner you cannot avoid death or taxes, Kelowna cannot avoid the inevitable.

We are in the bottom of a valley, and just as all water runs downhill and collects at the bottom, so does the traffic.

Water engineers over the centuries have created systems to move and divert and control water with great results, but unfortunately in this day and age, traffic engineers and highway planners have not been as thoughtful in their visions for the future.

We must ensure that the vehicles moving from west to east and vice-versa that do not want to stop in Kelowna can get around the city in a manner that would allow a short visit if needed without creating the congestion that we have.

Who in their right mind would put an HOV lane on the right inside lane instead of the left, supposedly fast, lane?

Bring back the Roman engineers of the BC era and make them into the B.C. engineers of today ... maybe, just maybe, we could get somewhere.

Michael Henderson, Kelowna

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