Beware watch repairs

Please be aware: make photographs of your watch before taking it to be repaired.

I took my beloved Seiko Lady Divers Watch for a repair in our city. After not hearing from them for six weeks, I called about my Seiko watch.

I said I would have a delivery service pick it up, as with an injured shoulder I am not driving.

They gave me back a Bulova that was a copy of the Seiko.

The repairman said mine was a Bulova and perhaps I had taken too many meds for my shoulder to know what kind of watch I had!

I had the watch for 30 years and wore it every day.

The watch they gave me can be purchased used on eBay for $34. Mine is between $300 and $600, used.  

I am sure the watch repairman has my nice watch in his pocket, and I have his cheap replacement.

Martha Cantarini, Penticton

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