No accountability

While Stoni Consolidated Holdings and the City of Vernon squabble over legalities, there is a serious issue that is being ignored. The city's building and plumbing bylaw makes no reference to possible structural damage to neighbouring homes as a result of adjacent developments.

The city apparently has no accountability or liability for any damage to neighbouring homes that result from adjacent construction. Any structural damage that results to neighbouring homes is considered to be, by the city, an issue between the developer and the neighbouring home owners.

This in spite of the fact the city issues permits for the development and carries out inspections to ensure the bylaw is being followed. 

The city has authority without accountability – a situation not considered part of a democratic society.

In the case of the reservoir development, no assessment of risk of structural damage to neighbouring homes has been done by the city, nor required of the developer. This is unconscionable, keeping in mind that East Hill has a history of instability and structural damage. 

The City of Vernon, and the developer, need to accept responsibility for their actions.

Barry Stanley, Vernon

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