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Gigi 'never going back'

Gigi Hadid has vowed never to return to Greece after a robbery wrecked her recent Mykonos vacation.

According to a post on her second Instagram account dedicated to her photography, the model was with her sisters Bella, Marielle and Alana when they became the victim of thieves during the family holiday.

Captioning a bikini selfie, posted on Friday, Gigi wrote: "Got robbed. Never going back lol. Wouldn't recommend. Spend your money elsewhere (sic)."

Their father, Mohamed Hadid, later told TMZ that his daughters were seriously shaken by the incident and cut their trip short.

"Gigi called me at the airport when she was taking off. She was traumatised. They were out, they had their bodyguard with them. They got robbed " the house was broken into. Nobody hurt her, thank God," he shared.

The models jetted off to the luxury destination last week to celebrate Alana's birthday, and believe that the robbery might have been an inside job by house staff, according to editors at TMZ.

Sources tell the outlet that the girls came home one night to find clothing and other items scattered all over the place, and felt that their case wasn't a priority after filing a report with local police.

The drama prompted the party to cut its vacation short, charter a private plane and head home.

Some of Gigi's followers were quick to criticise her in the comments, with one stating: "If you truly believed they scammed you, you should have spoken out about it in your main account. Do your research first before visiting the country's most expensive island."

A rep for Gigi has yet to comment.

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