BC drivers just as bad

Re: Don Wilson's complaint regarding Alberta drivers

The B.C. drivers are as bad. I have cycled in Alberta (Edmonton, Leduc and other areas) and B.C. (primarily in Kelowna and area).

How many times has a B.C. driver sped away from a light just to get in front of the driver in the lane beside him, or honked their horn when the light turned green and the front driver was a bit tardy in leaving the intersection? Or, better yet, speeding in a residential area towards an intersection and stop sign, only to turn left or right without stopping.

I use the cycling lanes, paths and trails.

I cannot count the number of times I have had close incidents involving you B.C. motorists.

To be fair, I have had more rides where motorists have seen me in their mirrors and didn’t cut me off. Maybe you were one of them. If so, thanks.

Lloyd Johnson

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