Horoscope: Aug. 18-24


Seek a stable plateau or secure footing physically, emotionally or in construction; it needs to be the No. 1 priority.

Most things in life require solid base. Reassure those who are nervous or uncertain in these areas.

Trust proven track records or the experienced ones respected by others.

Confidence will build among key players over time with proper results. Avoid illusion or drama to colour the facts; truth will out.

Flirtations can be taken to the next level if the interest is mutual. Discuss where you meet on the same page but don’t force it.

There are many ways to look at the same situation until you agree on how it really is. 

ARIES: Look at the bigger picture, which could include other locations to travel or settle for awhile.

TAURUS: You need to calm the waters for others now with the control you have over their situation.

GEMINI: Gatherings or meetings develop into a celebration of sorts. You connect with others easily. 

CANCER: Seek support or an explanation that will satisfy you in the long run. Negotiable now. 

LEO: Others appreciate you even if they don’t say so. Keep up the good work and remain strong.

VIRGO: You have some luck with how your wishes seem to be unfolding. Adapt to any changes.

LIBRA: You are included in a select or elite circle of associates. You belong with them naturally.

SCORPIO: Others look to you for leadership and discuss financial benefits or other perks. Share. 

SAGITTARIUS: Take centre stage. Speak or otherwise give out information. Make solid gains.

CAPRICORN: Private arrangements work in your favour, so keep details to yourself and a few.

AQUARIUS: You can successfully mix business with pleasure and all involved will benefit now. 

PISCES: You step up the ladder of success as you seek to improve your position or status, etc.


Horoscope: Aug. 11-17


Jupiter shifts into forward motion bringing with it a feeling of hope. It is in the sign of Sagittarius, which it rules.

Seek sage advice from the masters or teachers who have proven track records; check history. There is information if you look deep enough and for the right reasons.

Settle matters out of the spotlight so they don’t escalate. Plan friendly get togethers, any location will do. Upgrade appearance and wardrobe.

The full moon shines a brighter light on humanitarian issues.

Give credit where it's deserved. Rein in big egos who spar with each other to capture more of the spotlight.

Be prepared for surprises or unexpected changes.

ARIES: Don’t gamble on a whim or because others think its a good deal. Check all the data. Wait. 

TAURUS: Sudden words or actions have an effect on residence or property matters. Talk this over. 

GEMINI: Others ask questions or seek certain information. Reveal on a need-to-know basis now. 

CANCER: Ask someone to back you up before going out on a limb. It’s a case of self preservation. 

LEO: Your status may not be as it appears, so be charming and co-operative until you feel secure. 

VIRGO: A lot goes on behind the scenes, but any changes made will work out for you in the end. 

LIBRA: Discoveries or inside tips lead to those involved in matters that could affect all involved.

SCORPIO: Take independent action where needed. Break away from anyone who doubts you.

SAGITTARIUS: Surprise opportunity connects you to those at distance. Consider what’s involved. 

CAPRICORN: You benefit from others finances or assets. Arrangements may be a bit unusual.

AQUARIUS: Others have a strong influence on decisions you make. Emotions alter relationships. 

PISCES: To remain in control, give out information on a need-to-know basis. Navigate any blocks.

Horoscope: Aug. 4-10


Covert action is not necessary when the truth will do. It all comes out in the wash anyway.

This is one case where taking extra time is not helpful; being stubborn has a price.

Charming words or expressions of love will smooth things over and neutralize tensions. Remember the old saying “you get more with honey than with vinegar.”

Plan travel or get out of Dodge for a few days.

Contemplate how to make financial gains or other increases in security. Follow familiar patterns, they pay off.

Treat yourself or others to something nice and the generosity will be appreciated.

Re-set your goals if you are not making headway on your present path.

ARIES: Social activity can deepen to a more personal level. Enjoy the company of others. Connect. 

TAURUS: You can see how investments will pay off. Improve your environment or home situation.

GEMINI: What you say or do is supported by mate, associates or authorities. Advance to next stage. 

CANCER: Consider jobs or other income opportunities you would be comfortable with. Be assertive. 

LEO: You stand out as circumstances work in your favour. Others show appreciation for your help.

VIRGO: Spend time where you will receive extra special treatment even if it sees a bit confining.

LIBRA: You rub elbows with important or well connected individuals. There are benefits to be had. 

SCORPIO: Your career or status is on the rise. You feel like a winner as others give you support. 

SAGITTARIUS: Your world opens up near or far with connections to important or key individuals.

CAPRICORN: Private deals or arrangements provide benefits for you. Others want in on it, too.

AQUARIUS: Partner with powerful or influential people or groups. They admire all your abilities. 

PISCES: Take the necessary steps to rise to the top in your area of expertise. Make a speech. 


Horoscope: July 28-Aug. 3


Emotions expressed will feel like stingers to those on the receiving end.

Think of a calmer way to handle this, so it won’t be so hard to make it better. Sensitive individuals take you seriously; nerves are on edge. 

Pay attention to power issues, including lightning and electricity, etc. Have equipment upgraded or replaced.

Protests can be more erratic as targets shift.

Those short on funding should regroup or call in favours. Alter your message.

Seeking freedom affects relationships as what you expect from each other changes.

Mercury resumes forward motion mid week along with the new moon.

Sign, act, launch, etc. Get up and get going.

ARIES: Avoid spending on a whim. Take the time to research the details and who else is involved. 

TAURUS: Your sudden action catches others off guard. Home or base of operations are affected. 

GEMINI: Private information could be made public, have an alternate plan to switch to. It will matter. 

CANCER: Take a stand over your status or finances. Be in touch with those who can help with this. 

LEO: You seek a larger share of the spotlight. Try to control how you want to be seen or accepted. 

VIRGO: A lot goes on behind the scenes. Make a new or better deal, taking care of arrangements. 

LIBRA: An inside tip could cause you to consider investing on others advice. Check all the details. 

SCORPIO: You may have to make choices between career or personal matters. Justify actions.

SAGITTARIUS: Opportunity over distance is a new or renewed source of income. Accept benefits. 

CAPRICORN: You are on the inside track and can make good use of confidential information now. 

AQUARIUS: Make choices affecting home or property matters. Special arrangements work out.

PISCES: You step up to the plate and could end up calling the shots or taking on responsibility.

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