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Partner sues Warriors owner

More legal woes for the owner of the BC Hockey League's West Kelowna Warriors.

Kim Dobranski's business partner, Xiaorong Liang has filed suit in BC Supreme Court, alleging breach of contract, and asking that a $300,000 investment in the team, plus other payments, be returned.

The suit, filed earlier this week, comes just a month after former head coach Geoff Grimwood initiated a breach of contract lawsuit, seeking more than $29,000 in wages and interest.

In her court filing, Liang says she agreed to purchase 30 per cent of shares in KD Sports, which owns and operates the Warriors, for $300,000 in August of last year.

The agreement was around the time Dobranski took over ownership of the team from former owner Mark Cheyne.

Liang claims the agreement between her and Dobrasnki also stipulated she would advance three separate shareholder's loans in the amount of $95,000 for KD Sports operations, a guarantee to the BCHL and for legal costs of the share purchase.

In return, she claimed to have 50 per cent of decision-making power over the hiring and firing of the club's head coach.

Liang contends she made attempts to learn employment problems related to Grimwood in August, but "Dobranski refused to provide a factual explanation as to Mr. Grimwood's hiring and firing."

She contends that refusal, and further attempts to obtain information that had spilled into the media, prevented her from exercising her 50 per cent decision-making power to resolve the issues.

Liang believes the breach had a negative financial impact on KD Sports because of the coaching dispute.

Further, she states inquiries to see financial information following complaints by some entities of outstanding payments, were not provided. Nor were requests for financial statements and monthly financial records.

Liang says she demanded repayment of the shareholder's loan in July, but those have not been repaid.

She is seeking a court order for a return of the $300,000 and the shareholder's loans, or an order for damages for breach of contract, including punitive and aggravated damages.

Dobranski has 21 days to file a response.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

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