Massive project opposed

The City of West Kelowna is moving forward in its support of a massive development on Campbell Road.

Approval of the Blackmun Bay Village project will impede access in and out of our Casa Loma community. It will be absolutely impossible to construct four nine-storey highrises on a single-egress, rural road without wreaking total havoc for all of us.

One third of the residents of our community are senior citizens, and any EMS services that respond to emergency situations will be affected. Lives and homes may be lost if there is not unencumbered ambulance, fire and rescue access to Casa Loma.

There is only one egress into our community, and the construction site will be an open pit mine for five or more years.

Is the City of West Kelowna prepared for the lawsuits that will arise due to their lack of vision and their disregard for the Official Community Plan? Who are we going to hold accountable when disaster strikes? This should be a concern for everyone.

Blackmun Bay’s website states they have listened to the community, but all we hear is a lot of double talk and fake news. It’s obvious that council is not listening either. These decisions are going to ruin our community.

Maintain the status quo and leave a legacy that will be of benefit to the next generation. 

Scott Rowland

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