Class 4 licence no big deal

Please stop these 'Class 4 licence will end us all’ whiners.  

I have had a Class 4 licence for 30 years. It was mind-numbingly simple to get.  

I had to take a test to see if I knew the meaning of street signs like: one-way, stop; yield, do not enter, etc. Can I still see the difference between green, yellow and red? And, a read the second-line down at 20 feet eye test. I think a failure of any of those would be good reason to prevent a ride-hailing driver. 

Then, every five years, I pay $75 for a 15-minute test at my doctors to see if my hearts still beating, is my blood pressure below 160, am I reporting blackouts, is my blood sugar under control, am I taking anti-psychotic medications, and can I still read the second line?

Do you think that maybe those tests are a good thing?

Simple, simple, simple.... How can people not understand? It drives me crazy.

Taxi drivers have needed a Class 4 to drive small groups of people in B.C. for 30 years. Are ride-hail drivers not driving small groups of people?

The ride-hailing companies should be grateful that maybe these tests could prevent an accident or two, which should lower their lawsuits and reduce public relations issues if a driver hurts someone or goes off the wall. 

Scott Jackson

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