Why so against movie?

The film 'Unplanned' exposes truths abortion advocates would much rather remain hidden. That is why, in a nutshell, they are doing all they can to prevent it from being shown. 

Their efforts to censor the film (along with our billboards, public displays, ads, etc.) discredit their claims of being “pro-choice.” If they are so pro-choice, why try to deny the choice of others to go see a movie? Sounds more like anti-choice censorship to me. 

The leader of the anti-choice effort to ban the film, Joyce Arthur, makes the ludicrous, fear-mongering claim it will “incite violence again abortion providers” and thus should be banned. How ironic, considering the only threats of violence (and even death) thus far have come exclusively from her side of the aisle. 

Spend an hour or so at the pro-life vigil on Tuesdays at the Kelowna hospital, and you will quickly see which side uses harassment, shaming, vile gestures, and intimidation to push their beliefs. Hint: it isn’t the pro-lifers. 

She also claims it is "propaganda." I wonder how many making this claim have even seen the movie. My guess is 0-1% of them. In reality, the propaganda can be found in their slogans and euphemisms like "pro-choice" and "reproductive rights."  

Unplanned needs to be seen. It’s an eye-opener, and it has the potential to change your mind about abortion. That is why, and is the only reason why, Ms. Arthur and her ilk are so terrified of it.

Marlon Bartram, Kelowna Right to Life Society

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