Just another day in Rutland

Ever since the city gave the drug users a place to shoot up, all of Kelowna became worse.

For the money it cost to make those kits and the buildings for drug users to shoot up, why doesn't the government just pull them off the street and make them drug free? 

Ever since the city decided to push the problem into Rutland, theft has multiplied. It's so bad that when a break-in attempt is called in to RCMP, all they tell you is "if a door is locked, they will just move on." Not true!

This past winter, I noticed the motion light come on during the night. I got up to look outside and saw footprints across the yard to one shed then another and another until all door handles were checked. Then, past the small house in the back and over the fence into the neighbour's yard, doing the same thing.

The following night, more footprints down the alley, checking each shed. On the next night, the footprints went to the driver's door of my minivan, and they tried to pry the door open. Then, over to my truck and the same thing.

I called police. They asked if anything was taken and that if the vehicles weren't actually broken into, there's nothing they can do. 

I woke up one day to go to work, started the truck and pulled out. I saw saw movement inside the canopy in the rearview mirror. I headed to the RCMP and called to say I had someone sleeping in the back of my truck. I was told to stop and kick them out. They didn't want deal with it.

I pulled over, grabbed the sleeping bag and pulled him out, dropping him on the ground, and drove away.

Now, I back right up to a shed so the canopy and tailgate can't be opened. I heard someone trying to get into the truck again, and it was that same guy. 

Rutland has worked hard to clean up and make people feel safe. And now, because of the city, it's worse than ever. I would like to see one of those drug rehab apartments in the mayor's backyard. I bet that wouldn't happen.

The city needs to put a stop to enabling users and help them off the drugs.

Next time one sleeps in my truck, I will drop him off in a rich neighbourhood.

Marty Ringwal

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