Don't pay panhandlers

I work at a liquor store. Often, I am asking homeless people to move on from panhandling outside my store. 

If people would just stop giving them money, they wouldn’t be there. 

I understand the sadness for their situation, and how it feels like one is helping someone in crisis, but please give to the food bank, a homeless shelter, or any other organization that is trying to help these people get back on their feet. 

The cash you hand them outside my store is most often being spent in my store, or down the street for a fix. It does nothing to improve their situation or issues that got them there. 

I am tired of the needles and mess left behind, and am sure customers don’t want to see that either. 

If they didn’t make money sitting out there, they wouldn’t be there. One if the regular panhandlers commented to a clerk at the till that he bets he made more in two hours than she’ll make in her whole day. It's just not right.

Sheri Pybus, West Kelowna

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