Drugs, booze everywhere

I find it interesting that "wet" facilities are greeted with such ferocious animosity when most normal, average, paid rentals for people not in or needing recovery allow tenants to do drugs or drink alcohol in their high-priced rentals already. 

In fact, some of the places I've personally walked through while house hunting in years past, had landlords smoking weed right above the place they were renting.

I had another landlord smoking cigarettes above me, with shared vents sending it down into my living room. This happens literally all over town, but no one gets up in arms over it unless, like myself, they are allergic to the substances, and then they are told "just stay home."

But what if "home" is filled with drinkers and drug users as well as smokers? 

I've lived in such a situation. Trying to hold your breath from the car to the apartment front door is very difficult when someone comes out of the elevator smoking something, and you have to take the stairs to get away from it. I've repeatedly heard story after story of smokers who pretended they didn't smoke just so they could get into their desired rental, then they started smoking not only outside, but inside, too. 

This double standard against "wet" facilities while sitting smugly enjoying a glass of wine, beer, toking it up, or smoking at home boggles the mind. 

At least I hope those crying out against "wet" facilities are clean and sober themselves with no recreational drugs or alcohol going on in their own four walls.

Marilynn Dawson

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