Horoscope: July 21-27


Power struggles on various levels bring feelings to the surface that need to be handled carefully.

Some are not willing to let go or see the light of reality in relationships. Competition is strong.

An agreement has to be reached. Don’t be too idealistic. Settle things done. There is a shift of responsibility for some; don’t fight it.

The atmosphere at the office is different. Quiet words with a softer personal tone will help ease fears for those less confident.

Keep anxious doubts to yourself until you see how this all unfolds. Take an interest in driving around and checking things out.

Move with the times as you adjust to the changes that are occurring.

ARIES: Choices you make will influence status or location. Decide what is best to advance career.

TAURUS: You are more focused or aggressive with investments or property matters. Do paperwork.

GEMINI: Important financial talks should not be put off. You need to know who stands with you now. 

CANCER: The way you see yourself is not the way others see you. Compare notes. Meet in middle.

LEO: You work under restrictions or time constraints, but would rather skip out for awhile to relax.

VIRGO: Consult with those who can pull strings for you. State where you want to be or reside etc. 

LIBRA: Job or career will elevate your position as well as focusing on where your office should be. 

SCORPIO: Your influence spreads far and wide. Be confident in your agenda. Others fall in line. 

SAGITTARIUS: Your generosity is the key to reaching a settlement that suits all involved. Sign it. 

CAPRICORN: Work with others behind the scenes and you will have a stronger position in the end. 

AQUARIUS: Others make way for you as they see your ability to take the reins. Lay out an agenda.

PISCES: Step around those in the way or call in favours now. Positions will shift in natural ways.


Horoscope: July 14-20


The week begins with the powerful sun and Pluto opposing each other.

Ego clashes test the waters to see how far they can go before there is push back.

Rein in threats of violence or retaliation as the price may be higher than expected. Consider the bystanders in the line of fire. Block headed individuals don’t see the bigger picture.

The full moon eclipse alters situations or the position of the players; endings likely. Protect home base or status.

Be calm while avoiding issues. It’s a good time for a vacation. Give emotions a chance to settle on all levels.

Guard your reputation and that of others as this will count in the long run. Don’t lose ground over this.

ARIES: A choice needs to be made between home, office or location. Position or career is affected. 

TAURUS: Communication over distance is required to handle important matters for yourself or them.

GEMINI: Reach a settlement by careful negotiation with those having authority over the end results.

CANCER: You push your personal agenda while others have an alternate one. It a teeter totter ride.

LEO: A lot goes on behind the scenes. Observe carefully before you make your play. It will matter.

VIRGO: Expand your contacts to those with more important influence. Situation needs tweaking.

LIBRA: Special arrangements give you choices that could affect your status or location. Pick one.

SCORPIO: You brainstorm with powerful individuals or select groups. Present some facts to them.

SAGITTARIUS: You have luck with home or property matters. Make deals that satisfy everyone.

CAPRICORN: Unite forces with those on the same page or with the same goals. Past will help.

AQUARIUS: Be patient with anyone who blocks or opposes you. Your reputation or name works.

PISCES: Social connections become more important as you see what you have in common now.

Horoscope: July 7-13


Make sure planning has some wiggle room as Mercury goes retrograde for the next three weeks.Things will shift.

Avoid signing papers or binding contracts unless it is already in motion; complete those. Sell or get rid of what you don’t need.

Pay attention to vehicle, electrical or mechanical issues etc.

Travel plans could change, so be prepared.

Deal with talks in person to avoid communication glitches. Hang loose socially. Attend events. Try something new. Short trips produce good connections.

Change jobs or transition within areas of expertise. Special moments inspire.

Follow intuition.

Wind down and relax on the weekend. Be adaptable.

ARIES: Take time out with that special someone in a cozy environment. Discuss your plans.

TAURUS: Watch signals from others to handle sudden changes that could affect home or location.

GEMINI: Your presentation gets a warm response and shows where income can be increase now. 

CANCER: Soft peddle your approach when dealing with those in authority as you need their help.

LEO: Your words or statements catch others off guard now. Power plays go on behind the scenes. 

VIRGO: Make sure you understand others' intentions before you take action on what they want.

LIBRA: Career opportunity or promotion may include location choices, perks and decor as well.

SCORPIO: Maintain a strong position even if those you counted on drop away. Your plan is good.

SAGITTARIUS: Handle the unexpected and be prepared to settle anything outstanding. Regroup. 

CAPRICORN: A Mexican standoff can be handled with charm. Agree on some, let the rest go.

AQUARIUS: Meet with powerful individuals in private. Decisions need to be made for others now.

PISCES: Smile as you know you are well connected or on the inside track. Patience will pay off. 


Horoscope: June 30-July 6


Fiery Mars enters the sign of Leo so we will see strong egos  trying to capture the spotlight as they see themselves as entitled to do so.

Exposing evidence of the truth will be needed to shut that down to some degree.

The new moon in Cancer shows that the focus should be on home,  

domestic or family matters and protection of country. Beef up security in designated areas. Those thinking of settling down can advance their plans under this unity first influence.

The yearning for this has been there awhile. Sweet words will help and  increase the depth of feeling between you.

Work on living arrangements so all will be comfortable.

ARIES: You seek more control or containment regarding home, location or base of   operations. Pick.

TAURUS: Others look to you for direction. You know what it will take to calm the waters. Review it.

GEMINI: You pull the right strings to secure or advance your financial goals. Go through channels.

CANCER: The new moon in your sign gives you the OK to step into the limelight or handle details.

LEO: You lions need to purr this week instead of roar. You get more with honey than with vinegar.

VIRGO: It’s time to rub elbows with influential individuals who can advance your agenda. It works.

LIBRA: Your star is on the rise. The new moon provides opportunity or success in career or status.

SCORPIO: New doors open and your influence grows over distance. Put together a solid plan.

SAGITTARIUS: You benefit financially from others or the past. Arrange the numbers to advantage.

CAPRICORN: Those who care about you are willing to step forward or pull strings in other ways.

AQUARIUS: You shine in the office or in other areas of responsibility. Accept gifts or other perks.

PISCES: Take some time out for romance, creativity or the lighter side of things. Relax or travel.

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