Warning of privacy breach

The Town of Oliver is advising residents about a privacy breach after municipal staff accidentally sent out private tax information to three email addresses.

“During the process of email notification to property owners of their 2019 property tax notice, an error was made in which the attachments on emails to three individual property owners included a list of all properties on the town’s property tax roll,” the letter to residents states.

Oliver Daily News reports a total of 2,345 such letters were sent out to homeowners. Only residential property tax info was breached.

The town has now contacted the individuals that received the data and has requested the attachment be deleted.

“After analysis of personal information that was breached, I believe there is not a reasonable risk of financial harm to you,” Oliver corporate officer Diane Vaykovich said in the letter.

She tells Castanet the three people that received the data have now deleted the email.

“Improved attention to detail has been discussed to ensure a similar error does not occur,” she said.

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