Most know zero about guns

Your recent poll on firearms background checks was misleading because most people don't understand what is required to own a firearm in Canada.

The laws are so convoluted, that I know firearms owners who don't understand them, and I've met police officers that don't either.

Perhaps if you told them the truth and explained that firearms are basically banned in Canada unless you have permission from the government to own them, you'd get a completely different result.

You need to get a PAL (Possession and Acquisition Licence) from the RCMP to own a rifle. To get one you have to take a multi-day course, pass two tests, supply a list of references including all your conjugal partners for the previous two years, and pass a criminal background check every single day you have a valid PAL.

Further to that, if you want handguns or restricted rifles, you need an RPAL or Restricted PAL, so you have to take another multi-day course and pass two more tests.

Restricted firearms can only be taken to and from the range, a gunsmith, or a police station (all of these by the most reasonably direct route) and they need to be trigger locked and in a locked container with ammo stored separately. All these restricted guns are also registered, and you need to get approval for each individual sale and purchase from the RCMP. 

But even this poses a problem because most people don't even read articles anymore. People just read the headline and decide what the article is about or their position is on the poll based on faulty information spread by either biased or lazy media. I hope that's not you. 

Blair Parker

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