More thoughts on fire bans

Yes, there should be a fire ban.

My suggestion is from May long weekend until September long weekend. Maybe longer if it is a dry fall.

Lynn Gladden

There should be a fire ban all year round.

If people want a campfire, there is good propane available, then they wouldn't need wood.

Jim McNish

Camping without a campfire is manageable. Camping without a forest is not.

The short-term gratification of a campfire should not outweigh the importance of preserving our beautiful area, our air quality or our homes.

I don't know what the factors are that bring the yearly ban into action, but if the decision to postpone the ban is because it isn't attractive to tourism, smoke is one of the biggest deterrents for tourists to stay away from the valley. 

Please put the ban on immediately.

Kirsty Lindsay

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