Standing up for 'green'

Thank you, Coun. Charlie Hodge.

I was pleased to read the story "Developments need green." We have seen substantial development in the KGH, Pandosy and Richter areas. Single-family homes are being demolished, trees and bushes removed and  replaced with a multiple-family dwelling with minimum setbacks from the street. We are loosing the green with every single development.

Many of the new developments do not have the needed parking on the property for residents and visitors, forcing them to park in front of houses close to the development. Landscaping boulevards have been turned into busy  dirt-top parking lots.

So it is not only the new developments that lack the green, it is also the homes close to the developments that are changing into a less green commercial look with high traffic and cars parked all over.

Some of Kelowna’s central and most established neighbourhoods are becoming less liveable due to the densification and congestion from nearby developments.

I totally agree that if the current developments are meeting the minimum standard, then the standard needs to be changed.

Green keeps the air clean, so we should perhaps target a gain in green with each development. Turning the landscaping boulevards from dirt parking into green is an easy way to gain green in many places. Getting cars off the streets will force the proper development planning and give us safer, more open landscaped streets all over the city.

Our beautiful Okanagan and the people living here deserve better than the minimum standard. 

Mr Hodge, thank you for standing up for Kelowna, green space, liveability and the desirability of our beautiful town. You can certainly count on my vote in the next election.

Brett Patricny

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