Ask a 'real' camper

As an avid, real outdoors family camping man, I find all the reporting on campfire bans unbelievably frustrating.

News agencies go to the streets or Bear Creek campground to ask people what they think. If they don’t camp, the answer is easy. If they don’t drink, ask them if alcohol should be banned to stop drinking and driving. Or if we should ban cigarettes when they don’t smoke, because that would stop a lot more fires.

The point is, I would love to see a good reporter go to a mountain lake like Dee, Bear, Hydraulic or Beaver, where it is still cool and wet, and ask those real campers if there should be a campfire ban.

Come on, guys. Do the right thing.

I will be camping up in those areas, and I know this could be the last weekend already to have a fire to keep my family warm and dry. 

P.S. Propane fire pits don’t give off any heat unless you are standing on to of it and set yourself on fire.

Rob Bentien

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