The NDP didn't win

The NDP did not win the last election. They made a deal with the Green party to gain power. Horgan sold out to the the Greens, basically becoming their puppet. The man sold his soul.

Wasteful spending on fighting the pipeline is costing B.C. taxpayers a fortune with no return. It is hard to understand why the NDP (more likely the Greens) have such strong opposition to the pipeline when the benefits far outweigh the risk. 

Polls seem to indicate the majority of British Columbians are in favour of the pipeline, yet the NDP still want to spend our tax dollars opposing the project. Hard to understand. Perhaps it would be more prudent to focus on ensuring the construction surpasses all safety requirements along with training surrounding communities what to do in the event of a spill and supplying them with the required resources.

Canada has become divided provincially by politics. The provincial parties/politicians must also consider what is best for ALL Canadians so Canada as a whole may prosper.

It is time to make Canada whole again, vote for politicians who want to bring Canada together. The pipeline has become more of an issue about winning the battle than about common sense and what may benefit Canada.

If you want to get on the “save the environment” bandwagon as reason not to have the pipeline, then be the first to set an example. Give up your car and walk everywhere. Never take a plane, no cruises, no trains. Go in the woods, build a shelter and live the simple life, letting nature provide.  

Pretty much everything we have is either directly or indirectly related to oil, because we live in a country that has the technology to get it out of the ground and to market.

Georg Weiher

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