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Sex scenes key in Elton film

Rocketman star Richard Madden is thrilled his sex scenes in the new Elton John biopic weren't left on the cutting room floor.

The actor, who portrays the legendary singer's former manager and lover John Reid in the film, believes it would have been a "disservice" to censor the intimate moments between the pair at the start of the rock star's career.

"It's an intimate thing between these two characters and a significant moment in Elton's life," he tells Entertainment Weekly. "And Elton's life was very R-rated, wasn't it?"

Reid and Elton, played by Taron Egerton, were romantically involved for five years in the 1970s, and the music industry veteran managed the Your Song hitmaker's career until 1998.

The 32-year-old Scotsman, who shot to fame as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones, previously discussed how uncomfortable he is with sex scenes as a rule—whoever they're with.

"Sex scenes are never fun to shoot, but I only ever do these things if there's a real justification for them," he told Britain's The Sun newspaper. "This is the first time Elton ever had sex with anyone, so that's why it's a relevant scene, in terms of his progression ... It's as true to fact as we could be with where it happened, how it happened and when it happened."

The role also gave Madden the chance to address Reid's fierce reputation: "What excited me so much about him was there were so many conflicting stories," Madden tells the EW. "Some people said he was the most terrifying man; he'd fire anyone on the spot. Then others said he was the most generous, lovely man, the soul of the party. Connecting all these stories and then pulling out what elements I could in the script was really interesting."

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