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Goulding glad for offline life

Ellie Goulding believes social media apps including Snapchat and Instagram would have knocked her confidence as a youngster.

The 32-year-old opened up about the anxiety young people face during an interview for Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, and admitted she's "grateful" she grew up before social media became so commonplace.

"I used to go on MSN Messenger. It was just about conversations," the Burn hitmaker shared. "I was quite shy, and I do believe (Instagram and Snapchat) would have made me feel even less confident. I'm grateful they weren't around."

The star also suggested young people's reliance on apps and social media causes them to miss out on various aspects of educational and cultural development.

"Social media stops young people doing things such as reading books and learning and watching great films," she reflected.

Goulding did consider, however, the positive effects of social media, and claimed she's seen an increase in the number of young people campaigning for action on serious issues, including climate change.

The Your Song star admitted she's now dedicated her platforms to raising awareness of the issues affecting the planet and pioneering activism.

"Once you become aware of the facts and the science, it's quite hard to not be (an activist)," the singer confessed. "I live in the real world. You can see things around you—the extreme weather, the forest fires. A lot of people are not accepting it.

"Young people are angry that their future is being dictated by older people in power. It must be very frustrating, and I'd have been exactly the same at 15 or 16.

"I imagine climate change causes a lot of anxiety."

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