Veteran says thanks

I was released from the military in 1992, received a disability pension in 1994.  

I am in contact with many veterans via email and have noticed the frustrations by some who have long waiting periods for their claims to be adjudicated.  

On the other hand, as was in my situation, the exceptional way Veterans Affairs staff handled my case, especially the staff here in Kelowna, tells a different story.  

In less than five months, and initiated by VAC because I have not seen a VAC doctor, which is my right every two years for possible updates, a great deal afforded to me by VAC, was instituted without me asking.

You must believe the wonderful way, kindness, understanding, patience (partly because I am 79 years old) in which the staff treated me. Certainly tells me they are doing everything within their means to help veterans.  

During the five-month period, I received calls from staff across Canada, advising me of what was taking place, asking if I needed additional assistance and telling me to call anytime I needed help.

I suggest all veterans download and install your own personal VAC account online. VAC will help you do this, and it is then painless to receive information, track your claims and provides general peace of mind.

Dale Dirks

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