Parking ticket problems

I was a minute or two late getting back to my parking meter the other day in downtown Kelowna (the bylaw officer was a couple of cars away writing another ticket). 

I didn’t argue, because I was a couple of minutes late, so I took the ticket and it said that I could pay at a couple of places downtown as envelopes were available to place the ticket and money into. (It was much better when the tickets were the envelop.) 

I headed over to the location indicated, but there weren’t any envelopes, so I read the back of the ticket again to find other ways to pay. It said I could pay online with a credit card, so I drove home. (I don’t live in Kelowna.) 

When I tried to pay online, the system wouldn’t take my payment. 

I use a password manager, so everything was entered corrected as it’s automatically filled and works every time. 

I tried a few minor variations, but it still wouldn’t work, so I emailed the ticket office asking how I’m supposed to pay living out of town as their online system didn’t work and I don’t have cheques. 

I was advised I was probably using a debit card. Really? When I responded that it was their system that wasn’t working, I was advised that they wouldn’t void the ticket (I didn’t ask) and if I didn’t pay, my ticket would be sent to collections. 

Wow! This system needs to be fixed, as does the attitude of the personnel. 

Ayn Lexi

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