Horoscope: April 21-27


Saying something nice elevates the mood of those around you, leading to plans to get together later or dine out.

Ease tense situations by discussing priorities; put other matters aside for now.

Changes or surprises are refreshing. Lighten the load of responsibility this week or let someone cover your shift.

As long as the basics are covered it all works out in the end. Some are going through soul searching to settle on what is really important to them.

Avoid fighting an uphill battle if it does not feel natural. It just means you belong in a different place or situation.

Job shadow in areas of interest or where you are being trained.

Accept change.

ARIES: You are very lucky this week, so look for areas of easy advantage, personally or financially, etc. 

TAURUS: Come from behind to gain ground or a better position. Independent action is your strength.

GEMINI: Your ability at double speak is uncanny. Others listen to the way you explain or turn a phrase.

CANCER: You are a driving force to get to the bottom of secret or private matters affecting your status. 

LEO: Make plans to get away or move. Keep it to yourself until set to avoid interference. Look around.

VIRGO: Stick to the basics to get what you want. It has to be easy for others to accept or arrange this.

LIBRA: Check with others to see who all stand by you when you need it most. This works both ways.

SCORPIO: Others see you as a naturally dominant leader even if you don’t have an official title. It fits. 

SAGITTARIUS: Your generous mood overlooks others issues or comments. Play to win in all areas. 

CAPRICORN: Arrangements connect to work or what you will be doing either long term or temporarily. 

AQUARIUS: Sudden or unusual circumstances or conditions benefit negotiations to your advantage.

PISCES: Those close like what they see and want to get in on the action to take plans much further.


Horoscope: April 14-20


The sun and Jupiter in harmony with each other creates a more optimistic air and generosity in those not normally like this.

Promote on a grand or wider scale to an accepting audience. Those with money to invest are interested in what this could mean for them. Some pool their resources for a bigger slice of the pie.

Be willing to work within a time frame. Other matters are tossed around back and forth to find interested parties.

Discuss details one on one as face to face is best for reading each others intent. There are different levels of expectation.

Relationships are in a delicate balance under the full moon on Friday. Don’t push buttons.

ARIES: Wheel and deal over distance or connected to associates from the past. They are interested. 

TAURUS: Unlock funds or assets to move things in a more profitable direction for yourself or others.

GEMINI: Those in positions of power give you advice that helps handle a delicate relationship matter.

CANCER: You strive to secure a promotion or better situation. Show others the value you can bring.

LEO: Don’t waste time with nit-picky people. They are set in there ways so let them stay over there.

VIRGO: You are more secure than you realize in the larger scheme of things. Situations will evolve. 

LIBRA: The full moon in your sign urges you to make choices personally or in business. Weigh odds.

SCORPIO: You love secrets and there are many to handle this week. Select what needs releasing.

SAGITTARIUS: You shine on the job bringing a boost to your income and credibility. Stay the course. 

CAPRICORN: Meet with others in private to lay out a plan going forward. It can be win-win for all.

AQUARIUS: Important people are in touch over distance. They are interested in your information. 

PISCES: Play your cards a few at a time as there is some jockeying for position. Secure each step.

Horoscope: April 7-13


Compare information and strategy as the work week begins.

There needs to be some discussion about each person's responsibilities; reach an agreement. This stalls those trying to get in the way.

Speeches on unity will be inspiring. Disrupters need to step back and regroup to see where they would be most effective.

Private financial deals are made to buy some time. Keep personal relationships out of this for now; it's just business. Secrets should be kept in the shadows awhile longer.

Careful power plays cause a shift in who holds the reins. Place your loyalty carefully for the long game. Benefits can be shared when co-operation is gained.

ARIES: Secure your base or backing before taking a risk or putting your reputation on the line. Wait.

TAURUS: Serious matters over distance may require you to travel or send someone in your place.

GEMINI: Take a stronger stand on your agenda catching others off guard. Dialogue will be limited.

CANCER: Work around rules or powerful individuals who try to stall or block what you are doing.

LEO: Handle a challenge to your authority by ignoring childish behaviour. Share some treats, etc. 

VIRGO: Soft peddle relationship demands as the situation is temporary. Hold your position quietly. 

LIBRA: Let residential matters settle before investing in renos or moves. Make prudent choices.

SCORPIO: Drill down in a solid, commanding way. You have the power to overrule at home or work.

SAGITTARIUS: You have some influence over residential matters affecting others. Give out advice. 

CAPRICORN: Your sense of duty and solidarity makes others feel secure. Negotiate for benefits.

AQUARIUS: Private relationships reach a new level of solidarity. Plan where things are headed. 

PISCES: Your luck increases as others come on board with you. Explain what’s in it for everyone.


Horoscope: Mar. 31-April 6


Looks exchanged come across as a challenge of sorts resulting in some rug pulling between those involved.

The new moon in Aries adds militant energy to the week’s events. Forewarned is forearmed, so suit up in areas of conflict.

Words are spun to gain the upper hand or minimize the fallout. Deception buys some time, but not for long. Get ducks in a row.

Threats of exposure are played like a chess game; some are just bluffing.

It would be prudent to do this in private to save face or avoid lawsuits; facts or evidence will count.

The impact or information classed as news is wearing thin.

Strength is in the truth; meet in the middle.

ARIES: Step forward from behind the scenes to take your rightful place. Others have been waiting.

TAURUS: Harness your energy to be used in areas of need. Explain things carefully or pull strings.

GEMINI: Information can startle or surprise requiring careful handling. Share on need to know basis. 

CANCER: You go underground with a power play. Contact those near or far who can help with this. 

LEO: You come across information that would be a benefit financially or in areas of investments, etc. 

VIRGO: Personal relationships deepen as comforting words are exchanged. Plan for togetherness.

LIBRA: You shoulder more responsibility and others show you their appreciation in tangible ways.

SCORPIO: Take a time out from duties for a little rest and relaxation. Relationships need care and attention.

SAGITTARIUS: Wheel and deal to advantage. Look after improvements or arrangements now. 

CAPRICORN: Others look to you for guidance or instructions. They appreciate you handling this. 

AQUARIUS: You feel like a winner now. Gains come easily and could have some past connection. 

PISCES: You charm the birds out of the trees. New or renewed sources of income are available.

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