Thanks to all at KGH

Our family wish to express our sincere thanks to the doctors and dedicated staff at Kelowna General Hospital for the tremendous work they have done for our 98-year-old mother.

She had a stroke a month ago, and only because of quick action by the ambulance crew and the ER neurologist on duty was she able to enter into a recovery program.

The doctors and nurses in Emergency gave extraordinary attention and care for the critical two days they attended to her. For a few days, she was transferred to the ICU floor, once again followed up by the same doctors and new nurses, each of whom gave careful and constant attention to the changing conditions she presented.

Next, she was transferred to the sixth floor for recovery, and there both the full-time staff and the UBCO training nurses with the clinical teaching doctors and nurses continued with extraordinary attention and courteous care.

After a few days there, her recovery was clearly possible, and daily improvements in speech and mobility occurred.

The next steps have been three weeks on the rehab ward, where another new group of dedicated and caring nurses, nursing assistants of all sorts and various physiotherapists took over and gave what we believe to be exceptional care and guidance to assist her recovery.

Within a month, she went from the edge of death to being released back into her apartment, with Interior Health assisted living, returning to largely independent living again being possible in the future.

Once again, thank you to everyone involved at KGH – a job well done!

Doug Waines, West Kelowna

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