Time for change, PPC

Re: the letter "Pales in comparison to Harper"

First off, I'd like to thank Dale Dirks for posting facts about the opposition that people seem to just forget. It's true, the Cons had their fare share of scandle and wrongdoing in office.

One thing I completely disagree with, also think is absurd, is how the writer feels we should keep a terrorist sympathizer in office. 

This is the most corrupt, stupid, pandering government we've ever had. We've all now witnessed Canada, our beloved nation, go into the dumpster riddled full of PC SJW nonsense.

Nothing ever changes with the libcons, yes that's the main two we keep going back and forth with.

I am tired of special interest groups running the show. Pandering to people to buy votes. Giving terrorists money, and a whole slew of garbage that has been placed at our front doorsteps.

It's time to get out of the hamster wheel and consider the People's Party of Canada.

Run by a man who actually answers your questions. Doesn't pander. Treats everyone as a Canadian. You know why? Because we are Canadians! Canadians first and foremost.

Maxime Bernier actually will give us change. Not the same garbage that is being peddled to us by the libcons.

This is an important crossroads we are coming to. I choose prosperity for all of Canada, I choose PPC.

Shaun Mills

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