Doormat theft 'so weird'

Chelsea Powrie

Joan Sheppard couldn't believe it when she saw footage on her Penticton home's security camera of a theft on her property — not of valuables, but a $29 welcome mat. 

A woman and a dog were caught on camera walking up to her door and snagging the loot Wednesday evening, and oddly enough, this is Sheppard's second experience with mat theft. 

"It's so weird!" Sheppard said, thinking back to when she lost her first mat in December 2017. "I had the exact same mat because I really liked it. I was heading out and going out the front door and was like 'Wait a minute, where's my mat?'"

Sheppard was frustrated by the seemingly pointless theft and decided to buy a security camera to mount facing her doorway from a sideways vantage point. She then replaced her mat, which reads "Welcome" with a design of a bird. 

"And it was there until Wednesday night, then it got stolen again!" Sheppard said. "Isn't it the weirdest thing?"

She shared her security camera footage to a Penticton community group on Facebook, and said she has been seeing comments and messages speculating that the woman could have been homeless and stolen the mat for her dog, or glued it together with others for a bed for herself. 

"I'm like, that's an awful lot of work," Sheppard said. 

Her Green Avenue neighbourhood is generally fairly free of theft she said, though her camera and neighbours' cameras often show people scoping the area. 

"People do a walk-through, they'll walk down the driveway, go to the little parking area," Sheppard said. "We assume they're scouting the cars for them to be open, to maybe take loose stuff out of the car if it's open."

But none of her immediate neighbours has had anything stolen — just Sheppard's two mats. 

"I'm starting to feel a little personally offended, I mean it is the nicest mat, but seriously?" she joked.

She spent around $400 on the camera and its installation, and is now mulling over options for a second installation of a door-mounted camera to catch potential thieves' faces.

As for future plans for a welcome mat, she hopes the third time is the charm, but won't be tempting fate too much. 

"Maybe not the same one this time," she said with a laugh. 

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