Solution to cart problem?

Your recent story highlights the number of shopping carts lost to theft in the Vernon area.

There is no reason to believe that losses aren’t similar throughout the Okanagan.

I agree that retailers should not be penalized for having their property stolen when they have it secured. I also recognize that the cost of these carts is recovered in the price of my groceries.

Although the article does not say who is stealing them, it is implied by the accompanying picture.

I agree with that implication but not necessarily 100 per cent. I’m sure some disappear for other reasons. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say.

The issue of shopping carts, those who take them, and why, has consumed millions of words with no resolutions  in sight.

Perhaps a partial remedy that might help the retailer and the “users of the retailers' property” would be to donate carts that are “placed out of service.” The ones with the wobbly wheels, rusted bent or damaged due to contact with vehicles, etc.  

Perhaps there could be some incentive rather than penalty for the retailer, a tax break from the municipality or province on a per cart basis. Perhaps they would just be happy with the reduction in theft of the good ones.

The donated carts could be numbered and issued to an individual, so that if found unattended, they could be tracked or at least alert someone that the owner may be at risk.

Norm Dishkin, Okanagan Falls

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