Need for long-term rentals

Re: Joyce Sullivan’s letter on perceived need to balance student rentals with short-term rentals.

Ms. Sullivan may wish to know that a 2017 survey of Central Okanagan businesses found that over 90 per cent had trouble attracting and retaining labour due to the tight rental market. The service, retail and tourism sectors were especially hard hit. Former chair of Tourism Kelowna Daniel Bibby condemned STRs when he said they worsened the housing crisis for employees and employers.

There’s also some indication that migrant agricultural workers find it increasingly difficult to source summertime rentals. 

If Sullivan and other landlords need to find long-term tenants for four months of the year because they want to rent to students for eight, perhaps they should lobby the city to create a registry that summertime employers and employees could consult.  

What an elegant solution to what is actually not much of a problem.

As for her idea that my earlier complaint about behaviour at the tourist information centre indicates a blinkered approach to matters requiring thoughtfulness, I did not say I objected to a greeting. I said I objected to three employees shouting greetings in unison as I entered the tourist information centre and one thanking me for using the washroom as I was leaving.  

That’s never happened to me anywhere else in Kelowna. The Rotary Centre for the Arts is a case in point. They also have a public washroom. They allow the public to use it without any fanfare at all.  

I’m afraid that if other tourist offices in the world were to thank washroom users for choosing their location to do their thing, they’d soon be laughing-stock, and deservedly so.

Dianne Varga, Kelowna

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