Quit poking the bear

How much more insanity can Alberta take?

Victoria, Whistler, Horgan, Weaver, May, and Indigenous people, quit with your mindless, insulting behaviour towards our fellow Canadians in Alberta. Every time you threaten the oilsands, you threat an Albertan.  

As long as B.C. welcomes cruise ships, runs ferries, distributes coal for all of North America, runs jets, helicopters, trucks, cars, pours raw sewage into the ocean ... how can we hold our head high?

It is my concern Alberta just might start to defend itself. Since when did city councillors think they are so high and mighty as to threaten people in other provinces? Why not target oil-producing countries like Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Iran and many more?

I took a personal trip to Fort McMurray and did a Suncor tour. It was amazing.  

I was so impressed at how Albertans, along with 40,000 workers from B.C. and another 30,000 workers from all over Canada, produced oil from naturally occurring tarsands.  

Every Canadian who has a fight with Alberta should see the oilsands operations. Once you experience it, you would be thankful they are not in China, Russia, or so many other places. Then it would be a world disaster.

Quit insulting Albertans.

G. Nyki, Lake Country

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