Stay home, Harper

I feel sorry for Ron Cannan our ex-MP.  

Not for personal reasons, but for political reasons.  

To my knowledge, Stephen Harper never once tried to help Ron Cannan win the election simply because we have been a conservative populace for many years. Why bother to come here?

I am a strong supporter of Kelowna. I believe we need to have a minister amongst us – not a senator like we had, but a minister.  

I wrote to Harper, and he never had the wherewithal to come here or support Ron, and now he is coming here to speak. He never replied to my many emails. Who needs him and at what cost?  

He never helped veterans one bit. On the other hand, Justin Trudeau has been here to assist our MP Stephen Fuhr.  

I still think we need a minister, and Fuhr would make a great one, especially defence, since we have 2,200 veterans in the valley and they contribute a lot of cash to the community.  

Harper, you are too late. Stay home and don't bother us.

Dale Dirks, Kelowna

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