Someone will die eventually

I was laughing at the Castanet poll on whether there should there be a road built on the east side of Okanagn Lake.   

There are a load of small roads on the west side of the lake that run from Summerland to Peachland, but some of them have been blocked off now, so traffic can't go through because the criminal element that lives on that road has restricted access.

There is a road that could be leveled and graded to run between Summerland and Peachland further back, but again "someone" doesn't want people using that road either.

The west side (where people are used to going) is the most logical, but no, let's burn another road on the east side of the lake because someone with money wants that road developed.

Also, instead of expanding the "back" road on the west side, some "expert" has decided that ripping down a bunch of million-dollar homes would be the best option for a bypass around Peachland. Same mentality.

Makes perfect sense ... and of course there is no money in the budget to expand the back road on the west side. Only enough to throw good after bad on an entire mountain that is slowly sliding into the lake and blocking said highway. 

This is going to continue to happen. Until lives are lost, this is not going to change.

Kerry Kozak, Peachland

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